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Hearing aids are powered by Zinc Air Batteries
which work by mixing zinc and air.

There are a number of sites and stores from which you can purchase hearing aid batteries. Somewhat ironically, the older generation who are most likely interested in buying hearing aid batteries are a bit less familiar with the Internet and in turn, less able to use the most effective way of purchasing them.

Most hearing aid batteries are still purchased from the traditional drug stores: Wallgreens, Bartells and the likes.

It varies on where the best deals can be found. While it seems obvious that web sites specifically dedicated to hearing aid batteries would provide the best deals (sites such as hearingaidbatteries.org) this is not always the case. As we all know, the Internet can be a jungle and these sites are often not legit and are simply money making fronts.

Our advice to you is this: start buying the batteries for your hearing aid from your trusted local drug store.

Make sure you always have a surplus as we all know the zinc can go fast and you do not want to be left with no working batteries. Next, try a small purchase from a battery web site. If your order is delivered on time and nothing odd happens to your credit card, then begin to increase orders from the site.

The web will ultimately allow you to save money on your hearing aid batteries while saving you the time and hassle of leaving the house.

Hearing Aid Batteries are available
at drugstores, hearing health organizations and centers, with audiologists and
online.  Hearing aid batteries come in several sizes and are color coded to make
them easily recognizable.

The #675 and the #675 high power are battery sizes
that are used by BTE (Behind the ear) hearing aids. They have a blue color code
and a large storage capacity. The #13 battery has an orange color code. It has
lesser capacity and is used for ITE ( In the ear) style hearing aids. The #312
battery has a brown color code.

It is used in ITC ( In the canal) style hearing
aids and has a brief life span. The #10 battery has a yellow color code and is
used in CIC (completely in the canal) style hearing aids.

 Hearing aid
are hazardous waste and companies like Audibel, Miracle Ear and
the Starkey foundation accept dead batteries for recycling. Popular  brands
are Eveready, Sony, Duracell, Energiser, Icell tech, Panasonic, PowerOne, Renata,
Rayovac and Toshiba.

Hearing aid batteries stop abruptly when the zinc in
the battery has been emptied. Many hearing aids have weak battery alarms. A
patient should have spare batteries at all times to ensure continuous usage.

Battery testers available in the market like Rayovac and Activair, do not test
the weakness of batteries but merely indicate whether the battery is good or
dead. Activair, Rayovac and D test are some of the brands of battery testers
available in the market.

Hearing aid batteries must be inserted very
carefully and can last from one week to three years and are the power source of
better communication for the hearing impaired.

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