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I am very happy to say that I just met the owner of HearSource hearing aids via email. It is always a pleasure to meet a leader in the space and I certainly put HearSource into this category.
HearSource does an amazing job of combining quality hearing aid products with prices that do not break the bank as some manufacturers do.

For example, their FreeStyle OpenEar hearing aid is priced at $1995 per pair. This pales in comparison to the $6,000 per pair that many companies are charging. The FreeStyle model offers your choice of two colors, very comfortable tips made from high grade silicone and multiple choices for battery sizes.

The most interesting and compelling part about HearSource hearing aids is that you can actually buy the aids from anywhere. You are not required to go into any brick and mortar stores to make the purchase.

They have a wonderful outline on their website of the five required steps to be able to order from them.

It is just a guess, but I presume that their ability to fulfill orders without having the overhead costs of stores plays a major role in their ability to sell their hearing aids at such low price points. Please visit their web site to view the steps needed to buy from HearSource.

It is easy to see how one could be skeptical of buying a hearing aid online. This is not lost on HearSource. They realize that many of the products sold on the Internet are a scam.

Their website spends a great deal of time explaining that this is not the case with HearSource. They are a reputable product. All of their manufacturing is done in the US.

The last very interesting piece to discuss about HearSource is that they have self programming hearing aids that allow the users to program them on their own. This is unique in the space.

If anyone reading this has any experience with this system can you please post a blog entry on our site discussing your experience. It sounds like a wonderful and empowering system.

We are happy to have met the fine people at HearSource and are glad to be able to write about their wonderful products. Please give them a try if you are in the hearing aid market!

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