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Siemens Hearing Aids

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Siemens, one of the old guard in the hearing aids industry, has been active for over 125 years.

The company manufactures several ITE (In the ear), BTE (Back of the ear), and CIC (Completely in the canal) hearing aids

Their brands come in all price ranges, including the low-priced brands:

  • The Cielo which has features that automatically reduce the background noise and is fine tuned to avoid unnecessary intrusive noises such as whistling. It is pocket controlled and is also programmed for focused phone listening.
  • The Centra which is enables the wearer to listen, not merely to hear. It automatically adjusts to the atmosphere and to reducing high pitched intrusive sounds.

    Siemens higher-priced hearing aids brands include:

  • The Artis which features a focused sound feature enabling the wearer to listen by reducing the background noise. It also has an autophone feature which automatically adapts to usage on a telephone and a battery charge alert.
  • NITRO is one of Siemens latest creations. This is a completely ITE brand which has an ear-to-ear microphone system. The special feature in this instrument is that it logs data to enable health professionals to fine tune the instrument when required.
  • And the Phoenix which features traditional fitting methods catering to those with acute hearing loss.

    Siemens has products with special features for CHILDREN WITH AUDIO DISABILITIES. The Centra range of hearing aids focuses on children with moderate to serious hearing disabilities featuring sound smoothing facilities to enable better listening among children. The Acuris e2e wireless and the Cielo hearing aids for children help to put parents, teachers and caregivers greater control over the hearing aids fitted in the child. Most childrens hearing aids manufactured by Siemens are affordable. They feature safety battery locks and manual controls and are adaptable to a child’s growing needs.

    All Siemens hearing aids carry a two year warranty. Some Medicare plans cover the costs of hearing aids specific to the patient’s needs.

    The popularity of the Siemens brand as a preferred hearing aid is the company’s focus on quality. Its consultants are renowned audiologists and the company periodically conducts workshops and seminars for audiologists for greater innovation and better listening.

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