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Zounds Hearing Aids

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Zounds is a relative newcomer in the hearing aids space but they have a wonderful website that does
a great job of explain the value that they bring to the market.

As they point out in their demo video,
there are over 34 million people in the US who need hearing aids and many of these people who have
admitted that they need hearing aids are unhappy with their solution.

Zounds makes premium hearing aids that have up to 90% noise cancelling ability. This is right in line with
some of the top makers. It certainly is not the gold standard however.

One interesting capability is that
Zounds hearing aids are rechargeable. It is not too hard to do that math on the vast amounts of money
that one could save by not having to buy batteries every month.

There are two other very unique features of Zounds hearing aids that are worth mentioning. One, they
provide a remote control with their hearing aids. On the surface this may seem superfluous but it is not.

It is very convenient to be able to change the settings on one’s hearing aid via remote control. Two,
Zounds hearing aids remove the need to do a molded fitting.

They provide a choice of three different tip
options in place of the molded fit. If your glass is half full, this can be read as a negative in that they will
be less personalized but the time saving and convenience is a true plus.

Zounds is headquartered in Phoenix AZ and was founded by Sam Thomassan. Sam gains immediate
credibility from the team at hearing aids 1000 because he is the father of a daughter who wears a
hearing aid.

This has allowed him to witness firsthand the challenges that comes with using hearing aids.

Cleraza, Riaz and Potenz are the brand names of the zounds products that they promote the most.

These three product families create seven models in all. They have products for people suffering mild,
moderate and severe hearing loss. Zounds does not have the long-standing history that many providers
do in the hearing aid world but they are certainly a brand worth considering.

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