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Siemens Pure Hearing Aids

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As a leader in the hearing aid space essentially since the industry began, Siemens has many line of products. The Siemens Pure hearing aid is of their flagship lines and is worth taking a close look at.

Like most top of the line hearing aid models the PURE is very discreet. It is virtually impossible when it is being worn, it does not however, sacrifice any power or quality to achieve this.

Sacrifice of quality for invisibility is a very common occurrence in the world of hearing aids. Siemens has avoided this with the PURE.

The PURE is an in-canal make that comes in over fifteen colors to satisfy the fashionista in all of us.

It utilizes Siemens’ top of the line technology – BestSound – to power 3 recievers in each unit. This model is qualified to provide help for individuals experiencing moderately severe hearing loss.

I am not sure exactly how up to date the Siemens web site is but on it, they claim that the PURE hearing aid is the only rechargeable hearing instrument that fits in the canal of the ear.

There is a good chance that at the time of this writing (12/10) other hearing aid companies have caught up with them in this arena.
If you are interested in hearing your TV via your hearing aid or you want to use it for your mobile phone receiver, there are wireless extensions available on the highest end unit of the line.

Siemens is the grandfather of the hearing aid industry. They are renowned for their technological superiority and their attention to detail.

You will serve yourself well to look at the Pure line from Siemens if you (or a loved one) are in the market for a hearing aid.

Here’s a frighteningly futuristic ad for the Siemens Pure. Is it just me or does the hearing aids makers think their clientele are big rave fans? Though, come to think of it, raves are all about loud music, so maybe they are onto something there…

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