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Phonak Hearing Aids

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Phonak is a Swiss manufacturer of hearing aids who have made their name specializing in microstyle hearing aids for greater cosmetic appeal. Most of their brands are small and light, yet despite their minimalism most

Phonak hearing aids are powerful and automatically check all sounds and adapt to changing sounds. These minute yet powerful instruments assure comprehensive yet easy listening. The instruments come in a variety of colors to suit all skin and hair colors.

Phonak manufactures ITE (In the ear), BTE (Back of the ear), CIC (Completely in the canal) hearing aids that help patients with moderate to severe hearing impairment.

Phonak manufactures analog and digital hearing aids and their prices are generally affordable though the instruments don’t lack in precision.

Phonak currently manufacturers 10 brands and we have the Price Range listed for each:

  • Ambra
  • Nano
  • Audeo S Mini
  • Audeo S Smart
  • Audeo YES
  • Solana
  • Cassia
  • Naida
  • Nios Micro
  • Nilo
  • $2,899
  • $2,349 – $2,899
  • $1,849 – $2,899
  • $1,849 – $2,899
  • $1,849 – $2,899
  • $2,349
  • $1,899
  • $1,849 – $2,799
  • $1,849 – $2,299
  • $1,599

With all of the brands covering a different area of the hearing spectrum, Phonak hearing aids can be used by patients with mild to medium audio disabilities. Most users of Phonak hearing aids were happy with the natural sound and the increased sound they could enjoy without noise interference; however, some users felt that when background sounds were filtered voices were also filtered.

Phonak has a strong reputation of focusing on CHILDREN WITH HEARING IMPAIRMENTS and have put extensive research and development han towards the hearing welfare of children. For the past 16 years, they have been updating their book called Phonak Focus which is now also available on video. Phonak Focus has become an invaluable guide to pediatricians in dealing with child hearing impairment and child hearing care. Working in the same line, Phonak also manufactures a cleaning care kit for parents of young children with hearing disabilities that consists of a battery tester, a dehumidifier, a listening tube, an air purifier and a user guide. Phonak has the experience of developing children’s hearing care equipment for over 35 years. Check their website (www.phonak-us.com) for a detailed list of hearing care professionals for patients of all ages.

Phonak’s hearing aids come with a warranty of either one or two years. The hearing aid brand Savia has been awarded the Medical Design Excellence Award. Phonak is the ideal hearing aid for those who prefer an unobtrusive design which helps them listen in an unobtrusive manner.

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