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Hearing Aids Prices is a very interesting topic and one that we receive many questions about. The discussion of Hearing Aids prices quite often leads directly into the talk around insurance and hearing aids as well.

Certainly they are all tied in together but in this quick piece we want to attack the world of hearing aids prices.

As we all know the prices of all products can vary greatly and hearing aids are no exception. At the very low end of the spectrum there are the temporary products from Songbird that are actually not much more than small microphones.

The low priced songbird hearing aids are not custom fit and they are not disposable. These hearing aids can be priced as low as $79.

On the more expensive end of hearing aids prices are brands such as Phonak and Siemens. The Siemens Centra active hearing aids can be purchased for $1,495 dollars. This is the same range that Phonak hearing aids can be found as well. But the thing to remember is that insurance can be of help with this pricing.

Other quotes on the Internet show the newer Siemens Centra models as well as the top of the line form other makers (Phonak, rexton and more) being priced as high as $3,000.

This is where the price of hearing aids simply becomes too burdensome for the average user. Also, it is well documented that while insurance can be can be used a bit it is far too light in assistance in the world of hearing aids.

The insurance providers know how many people actually need hearing aids but can’t afford them and are in turn terrified of offering benefits.

In general, hearing aids prices are very high and not supported by insurance. You can find low cost hearing aids but you are generally getting what you pay for.

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