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Simply Soft Hearing Aids

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Simply Soft Hearing aids are the first and only hearing aids that are all soft with no air space. A true innovator in the world of hearing aids. Simply soft deserves to be in the consideration set for anyone looking to buy a hearing aid.

Simply Soft manufactures analog and digital hearing aids and their prices are generally affordable though the instruments don’t lack in precision.

The beauty of the soft hearing aid developed by Simply Soft is three fold. One, the soft nature of it allows it to move with your ear as you chew and talk, avoiding the need to constantly reposition as you wear it.

Two, the soft edges make a seal in the ear canal that prevents annoying feedback. Three, a great number of people find that the hard shell of traditional hearing aids irritates their skin. The silicone used in the simply soft hearing aids is medical grade and does not cause the skin to rash or itch.

Simply soft hearing aids are available in both types of electronic approaches, digital and analog.

Simply soft has done a wonderful job of securing distribution for their hearing aids. The devices can be purchased at WalMart, Sam’s club and many other big box stores. They can also be purchased from your audiologist.

Keep in mind that the patented and unique soft design of simply soft hearing aids does not come cheap. A pair can easily cost $900. There are a number of models provided but all the pricing is in the upper tier. A quick price check shows that the simply soft smart touch unit for the right ear currently cost $422. This is expensive but the going rate for a top notch hearing aid.

We raise our glass and salute the company making the simply soft hearing aids, they are truly innovators in an industry that sorely needs new ideas. It is important to consult your audiologist before purchasing a hearing aid, it is a very important decision, but we are proud to give simply soft a two-thumbs-up review and do recommend that they are placed into your decision set.

Small, soft, noon-irritating and durable are four very good characteristics for a hearing aid and they are all found in the Simply Soft brand, Have a look and a listen at the simply soft products, we think you will like what you see and hear!

Simply Soft manufactures ITE (In the ear), BTE (Back of the ear), CIC (Completely in the canal) hearing aids that help patients with moderate to severe hearing impairment.

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