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Oticon Hearing Aids

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Oticon is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids and one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Oticon manufactures a variety of hearing aids — each benefiting a different segment of the hearing impaired community:

  • Their Epoq brand of hearing aid uses wireless technology which not only helps in communication but helps the user effectively utilize other audio devices with a streamer that allows signals to be streamed effectively from signals. (With all auto functions coordinated).

    It comes in the following styles: BTE (Behind the ear), ITE (In the ear), RITE (Receiver in the ear), ITC (In the canal), CIC (Completely in the canal), and RITE (Receiver in the ear) models.

  • The Delta model, named for its triangular shape, is a nearly invisible hearing aid for the appearance conscious. It has an easy fit and is adaptable to changing noise atmospheres. It records the varying environments of usage by the user thus helping to fine tune the instrument according to the user’s needs. It consists of an open ear acoustic system that provides ventilation for the ear giving it a natural feel. It also has a remarkable three-way noise detection mechanism that makes sound environments natural to the user and, accordingly, has won the American Consumer Electronics Award for design.

    This model comes uses Syncro, which automatically adapts to the hearing atmosphere, increases soft noises and restrains loud noises. It is designed for comfort. This model comes in BTE (behind-the-ear), ITE (in-the-ear), CIC and MIC (Mostly in the canal) styles.

  • Safran increases speech and other sounds to a natural pitch. It comes in BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC and MIC models. It has an invisible hearing enhancer with automatic adjustments using a decision maker processor.

  • The Sumo brand of hearing aid is helpful to sufferers of severe hearing loss because the sound does not fade even when the battery is weak. It is telephone friendly, affordable and has a controllable volume. It comes as a BTE model.

  • Go Pro is meant for those who enjoy TV or listening to music because of its powerful directional microphones. It comes in BTE ITE ITC CIC models. Special versions of these models, the DSL v5.0 m [i/o] and the GAIA models are also child friendly and affordable. They come in BTE models.
  • Oticon hearing aids come with a one or two-year warranties. On the benevolent corporate side, The Oticon foundation supports the needs of the hearing impaired with social educational and research programs. While this thing won’t make the hearing aids work any better, I find that if I can, I always purchase from a responsible corporation that sees something other than the bottom line. So, even though Oticon is indeed a corporation, their hearing aids definitely live up to their motto of putting people first.

    UPDATE: Here is a bit of deeper information about Oticon. We believe that you should know as much as you can about a company before you choose to use their hearing aids. This is a major decision and you need to know the company behind the product.

    On Oticon’s web site they discuss the values they emphasize with their employees. Oticon chooses to empower the individual employee which leads, in my opinion, to a healthy working environment. They stress that the opinion of each individual is more important than the title they hold. On this same thread, they have a flat organization rather than the traditional hierarchy.

    Oticon is located at Denmark. Their Epoq hearing aid was awarded the Danish Product of the year award for 2007.

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