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How Hearing Aids Work

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One of the most common questions we are asked at Hearing Aids 1000 is the simple: How do hearing aids work. This is a wonderful question and one that we should all try to answer.

If you are spending time on our website, chances are that you or someone you love is using hearing aids or is thinking about getting them.

It can be a very intimidating and expensive process and therefore the more you know the better. In this vein, let us try to shine a bit of light on how hearing aids work.

At the root of all hearing aids, be it a fancy one from Rexton or Siemens or a cheaper model, there is sound waves that are picked up by a microphone in the hearing aid.

This is standard with all hearing aids no matter what the model.

After the microphone, there is a circuit that translates the sound from the mic into an electronic signal for the user based on the aids’ settings. The circuit is a critical piece of the process in that it is in charge of recognizing feedback and loud noises and filtering them out.

On some level, the circuit is the brains of the hearing aid. The circuit eliminates the bad background noise and adds to the desired noise such as classical music. The better the hearing aid, the better the circuit.

The last primary piece in the process is the receiver. The receiver takes the electric signal from the circuit and transfers it to be delivered to the ear canal.

The receiver takes the data from the signal and delivers it to the ear. This is a crucial and final piece to the hearing aids process.

All hearing aids either digital or analog work basically in this same way. The final part of hearing aids — one that can’t be overlooked — is the battery.

The battery is in many ways still the Achilles heal of the hearing aid. No one has made a battery that can be in the aid for a long enough it seems.

We are certain that this too will be solved soon. Hearing aids are wonderful and complicated machines but at the end of the day they can be simplified to the few pieces described above. Try not to be nervous or intimidated by them. They are “hear” to help us!

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