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Widex is a Danish company specializing in the manufacture of hearing aids established in 1956.

Widex hearing aids are renowned for being tailored to specific needs. The brands of hearing aids manufactured by Widex are ‘Intco’ which comprises of features that allow for customization.

It helps the user detect speech in a noisy atmosphere. The ‘AIKIA’ helps the user to listen to focused and background conversations.

It can be tailored to the users needs. ‘Flash’ is a powerful hearing aid in which five compressors work at once so that all features are constantly functioning.

It can be fitted precisely to give the exact amount of reduced noise to the user. ‘M’ is a fully automatic hearing aid which helps the user to hear focused sound with flexibility.

‘Elan’ is a powerful hearing aid that has an unobtrusive design with an emphasis on comfort.

‘Senso Diva’ is an adaptable hearing aid that continuously adapts to the audio atmosphere. ‘Senso Vita’ is a customizable, easy on the ear hearing aid. ‘Bravissima’ is a user friendly brand that comes in CIC (Completely in the canal), ITC (In the canal), ITE (In the ear), BTE (Behind the ear) and a high power BTE version.

‘Bravo’ is a low cost, digital, power efficient and mobile phone adaptable hearing aid.

It features a low battery indicator and some versions have volume control feature. ‘Senso T’ is an easy to use hearing aid which does not require adjustments.

It has CIC, ITC and BTC versions. Its special features include speech reduction. It has an indoor sound balance feature. It is power efficient and has a filter for usage of mobile phones. Soft sounds can be made loud and loud sounds can be made soft. Its microphones can be directed to the object. ‘Senso P’ has ITE and BTE versions.

The special features include speech and volume control. ‘Scola FM’ contains an FM transmitter which can be switched on and off and has a range of 30 meters. This brand has a volume control adjustment.

All Widex products have a two year warranty. Widex also manufactures child friendly hearing aids in attractive colors.

WHISPER (Widex Hearing Impaired Speech Research) is a program conducted by Widex in consort with the University of South Denmark for research in hearing impairment.

The name Widex has become synonymous with easy on the ear hearing aids.

Widex hearing Aids has a very helpful website. They use the site for many reasons, including testimonials from the users of Widex products, updates on their latest technological developments in the realm of hearing loss and information about the company itself. No t surprisingly, the website can be found at www.widex.com

Widex has a 10% worlds share of the hearing aid market. This is no small business. 97% of the hearing aid product output for Widex comes out of Denmark. With an emphasis on improving the communication ability of those with hearing loss, it is not a surprise that they give a great deal of attention to children with hearing loss as youth is crucial to the development of communication.

As pointed out on the products page for Widex, they do not dive into a great number of products. I like this idea. Widex does hearing aids and as the boldly claim on their product page Widex is among the leading producer of user-friendly digital hearing aids.

They have over 7 lines of hearing aids but all have a focus on quality. Senso Diva is one of their flagship products and looks to be a clear leader in the space.

Widex is a leader and Hearing Aids 1000 is proud to put focus on them.

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