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Proving that there is no harnessing of Costco, they have come out with their own line of hearing aids. The Costco hearing aids are known as the Kirkland Signature hearing aids.

As you can imagine the size and bank account that Costco possesses allows them to do some very cool and generous things for potential hearing aid customers.

For example, they have a hearing aid center at which people can come in and receive free tests to determine if they need to wear an aid.

They also offer free maintenance to current wearers of their hearing aids can come in for a free cleaning and a free battery. Costco is going to prove to be a very formidable force in this industry.

There will be hundreds of thousands of users of Kirkland hearing aids before we know it.

There are many other strong and unique benefits that Costco offers with their Kirkland signature hearing aids.

These benefits include but are not limited to: free loss and damage coverage, 90-day free trial period, 10 free batteries with any purchase, and free follow up appointments.

Clearly the logical question to all of this is: well all these benefits sound great but what does a big chain store know about these complicated medical devices. Their website does not do a great deal to answer this question. They simply claim that they use the latest technology.

My guess is that they have partnered with one of the primary manufacturers and are simply applying the Kirkland Signature brand to their hearing aids. I imagine that they have put out a very high quality product, they could not afford not to. As Warren Buffet says “We can afford to lose money, we can’t afford to lose one shred of reputation.”

Costco sees their venture into hearing aids the same way.
Costco’s strength has enabled them to offer very good pricing on the hearing aids.

Their signature kit runs for $1,999 for two hearing aids. Their top of the line Bluetooth capable hearing aids only go up to $1,399 per hearing aid. This is a significant savings versus major providers in the space.

All in, it seems a very good idea to consider the Costco hearing aid offering if you or a loved one is in the market. Costco is a massive retailer who is offering competitive pricing, amazing free benefits and high end technology with their hearing aids. Give them a shot, if nothing else, go get a free hearing test.

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