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Are Cochlear Implants covered by Insurance?

Yes, mostly. Cochlear implants are covered by Medicare and
in most states.

The majority of private and commercial insurance also cover most or all of the costs of fitting a cochlear implant.

When a
patient makes a decision to get a cochlear implant fitted, it is
recommended that the fine print in the medical insurance policy be
carefully reviewed.

Patients should shop for insurance policies which in
consultation with the surgeon will pre approve the necessity of fitting a cochlear implant. Most surgeons have an insurance officers in their
clinics who work with insurance companies to help ensure the patient of
the best coverage.

A patient should consult insurance companies and
have a watertight assurance of coverage before venturing to fit a cochlear
implant. There are several legal precedents of insurance companies being
forced by courts to pay for cochlear implants.

A celebrated decision in the
state of Arizona made Medicaid pay for a cochlear implant when
equated a cochlear implant with a hearing aid and precluded

The ‘Let Them Hear Foundation,’ offers advocacy aid to deserving
patients who are refused insurance coverage for cochlear implants. The
cost of cochlear implants range from $30,000 to $65,000.

In addition the
patient will require post operative rehabilitation and acclimatization
treatments and hardware therapy which may be extend over three months.

companies have reimbursement specialists who can advice the
patient on the coverage required.

The patient should work with the insurance
company and be aware of FDA approved cochlear implant procedures and hardware to
obtain the best insurance coverage deal.

Patients with significant
hearing loss and inner ear malfunction can now rest assured that the expensive
procedure of cochlear implants can be made cost effective by an efficient insurance coverage.

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