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Hearing Aid Battery reviews

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Rayovac is clearly identified as a leader in the hearing aid battery space.

Not only do they produce batteries for standard hearing aids, they also have zinc air batteries for Cochlear implants. By offering the standard batteries, they understand that hearing aids draw a substantial power load — especially the newer, more extensible aids. In turn, the standard zinc air batteries can only last for a short amount of time.

Rayovac Extreme Performance batteries provide powerful ‘up front’ storage to combat this heavy drain, as well as providing more stability during high drain discharge. Though, before you run out and get the latest higher power battery, Rayovac does not recommend their Extreme Performance batteries for all hearing aids. It really is made for heavy drain devices. Standard aids can actually notice less life if they are used in them. There really can be too much of a good thing.

And if you needed more, Rayovac hearing aid batteries are endorsed by golf legend Arnold Palmer. As opposed to so many of the here-today-gone-tomorrow athelets, Arnie is a true Champion and does not align himself with faulty products.

For more information, following this link to their site: http://www.rayovac.com/hearing/


Energizer is extremely committed to the hearing aid battery space and the people who use these products. This can be seen by their extremely detailed Web pages dedicated not only to hearing aid batteries but to hearing aids in general.

Have a look at their web site: Energizer Hearing Aids

“Energizer EZ Change” is the primary product that they are promoting but they also discuss their convenient Tear Pack which allows you to take along only the number of batteries that you may need on a trip. This is a nice touch by Energizer and again shows that they are thinking of their users. Energizer also has a Cochlear implant battery. They sell these in packs of 6 or 60. Energizer is one of the most trusted brands of batteries in the world and it is clear that they have carried over their experience to the world of hearing aid batteries.

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