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Unitron hearing aids manufacture high quality hearing aids for over forty years.

The two Styles ‘Moxi’ and ‘Moda’ come with four variations. Both types are fashionably discreet and comfortably small. The ‘Moxi Indigo’ has features that automatically adjust to the user’s listening atmosphere and determines the best listening destination in accordance with the concentration of the wearer.

It can be used in varied noise environments such as quiet conversations, group discussions, intensely noisy places and for listening to music. I comes in ITE (In the ear) and BTE (Behind the ear) models.

The ‘Element 16 Moxi’ is tiny, convenient and does not need manual adjustment.

The ‘Element 8 Moxi’ has automatic directional microphone facilities. ‘The Element 4 Moxi’ is affordable without compromising on the user’s comfort.

All ‘Moxi’ styles have a canal receiver technology adaptable to the users needs. The ‘Moda’ style consists of concealable and small BTE instruments.

Its open fit ensures comfort to the wearer. The ‘Indigo Moda’ is an automatic device that does not need constant user participation in usage. The ‘Element 16 Moda’ is an automatic instrument that caters to busy active users in varying noise atmospheres.

The ‘Element 8 Moda’ is ideal for usage in quieter atmospheres such as the home or small gatherings. It s main function is to highlight speech. ‘Element 4 Moda’ is an affordable instrument for quiet atmospheres.

All Moda styles are shock resistant, automatically adapt to telephone conversations, minimize whistling and background noises and are BTE models. The ‘Conversa’ is a conversation focused instrument that takes the conversation out of a noisy gathering.

It has three programs adaptable to user needs. Though it consists of advanced features for better conversing, it is priced very economically. The ‘Unison’ brand has three models. The ‘Unison 6’ is for the active user, the ‘Unison 3’ is for users who use fewer listening environments and the ‘Unison Essential’ for users who make the transition to digital hearing aids and the budget conscious.

The ‘Breeze’ brand of hearing aid is fully automatic with the capabilities of eliminating background noise and perfect fitting. It has manual controls and a low battery warning.

All Unitron hearing aids have a two year warranty.

Unitron collaborates with scientists and engineers in the best universities across the world to make fitting software and hardware for a better hearing experience.

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