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BAHA Implant System

Moving sound through bone conduction is the key to the Baha hearing system. This system can be very effective, but the downside is that the BAHA Implant system, as the name suggests, is implanted via surgery. This system of Baha (often called inaccurately – Baha hearing aids) has been around since 1977 and was approved officially by the FDA in 1996.

The Baha system is most useful for individuals who for various reasons cannot benefit from the use of standard hearing aids.

It is a truly amazing process that allows the bones to conduct the sound rather than relying on a speaker in the ear.

There are three key pieces to the Baha Implant:

      (1) An implant made of titanium.

      (2) An abutment on the outside of the skull.

      (3) And a processor for the sound.

The system goes around the traditional sound highway of the auditory canal and the ear. The Baha system or Baha hearing aid, enhances the sound transmission of the skull.

The surgical procedure of placing the titanium part is very short and in time the this piece actually merges with the bones of the skull. The processor transmits sounds to the external abutment which feed the implant that has merged with the skull.

Vibrations are the key to the Baha hearing system. I would guess that if the drummer of the beach boys every suffers hearing damage so extreme that he cannot benefit from a traditional hearing aid that he will certainly turn to the Baha system. Why do I guess this? Good vibrations!

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