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You would be amazed to see how many emails we get every month from our amazing readers who ask about the best way to repair their hearing aid. Let’s face it, hearing aids are ridiculously expensive and insurance continues to refuse to cover them so people are forced to find ways to repair their hearing aids when they break versus replace them.

This is almost an odd approach these days with electronics — when was the last time you went to a TV repair shop or paid to fix your radio. These days people just throw things away and buy anew but hearing aids are too expensive to do this with.

A quick search on google or Bing shows me that there are very many companies advertising their services to service hearing aids. It seems that the range in cost for a hearing aid repair is between $30 to $100 and these generally come with a 6 to 12 month warranty.

The providers also offer full hearing aid rebuild but the prices are generally higher, more in the range of $175. On the surface I have to suggest that this is sounds like a great deal. To fix a $3000 product for as low as $175 is a fantastic deal.

There are however many questions that arise on this:

One, how can one know if the company they are trusting to service their hearing aid is legit and will do a good job?

Two, will having a third party work on their hearing aid nullify the warranty that they have with their hearing aid provider?

I would suggest checking the review of any provider that you are thinking of using with review sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List. This is a great way to hear opinions of other people that have used these vendors.

The other thing that we would suggest around hearing aid repair is first reaching out the company that made the product. Not only would they know best how to repair the hearing aid, there may be some portion of your warranty that you have forgotten about that they will help you utilize.

Most hearing aid companies would rather fix your aid for a very reasonable price instead of risking the bad word of mouth that they will receive from you if they do not help you out.
Hearing aid repairs are not fun but they are much cheaper than replacing the costly little buggers!

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