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We recently discovered that Cheap Hearing Aids is one of the most searched terms on Google related to hearing aids. This was an eye opening discovery to the team hear at Hearing Aids 1000. While we have written extensively about the excessive cost of hearing aids and the lack of support that insurance provides, we have never written a piece on cheap hearing aids.

Most likely is because the word cheap has a negative connotation. But we are hear (pun intended) to serve our readers and we need to address this issue.

We may sound a bit old fashioned, but no hearing aid is worth even a penny if it does not improve your hearing and life and is reliable.

This is our warning against cheap and low cost hearing aids. That being said, there are a few budget hearing aids that can greatly improve someone’s life.

The first brand that we would like to direct you to is Songbird hearing aids. We have an extensive review of songbird hearing aids on our site. These hearing aids could be classified as cheap. They are the pioneers in disposable hearing aids and they are priced accordingly.

The crucial thing to know about Songbird hearing aids is that they can be a wonderful and cheap solution for someone with mild hearing loss but this is not the solution for someone with severe hearing loss. But Songbird is a legitimate maker of hearing aids and they will serve you well.

There is a scam to watch out for when looking for cheap hearing aids. You can find a number of websites online that promise wholesale prices. This simply is not a good solution.

If you are buying real hearing aids versus disposable ones, despite wanting to save money, you need to buy the hearing aids from a live person who can fit you. Do not buy hearing aids directly online. You need to personalize your hearing aids with the help of an audiologist.

Hearing aids 1000 suggests that if you need low-cost or cheap hearing aids that are not disposable that you take a look at Audient.

Audient is an alliance for accessible hearing and they are committed to making hearing aids afford able. This is the wise choice. Whether you use Audient or another similar service, the trick is not to buy cheap hearing aids but to utilize any and all services that exist that can help you make the top level hearing aids such as Siemens, Rexton, Oticon and more affordable.

We will work hard to continue screaming high and loud that insurance rules need to change to help people be able to afford hearing aids.

Until we win that battle, do the best you can to not go short and buy a cheap hearing aid. Your hearing is a gift and we can work to restore it by accessing all the means available to get you a great, quality product.

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