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Miracle Ear Hearing Aids

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Miracle Ear Hearing Aids have sixty years of experience manufacturing hearing aids and it shows.

In the somewhat crowded field of hearing aids manufacturers, Miracle Ear sets itself apart with the lofty claim as the pioneer of ITE (In the ear) style hearing aids. This outstanding leap forward in design made hearing aids cosmetic and the appearance friendly, thus breaking the social barriers faced by the hearing impaired.

Miracle Ear currently has manufacturers hearing aids in six sizes and in several styles, including the Cosmetic style, the Comfort or Contour style, the Behind the Ear style and the Open Fit Behind the Ear style. Be assured that all Miracle Ear hearing aids focus on comfort, design and performance.
Miracle Ear products consist of four brands:

ME 1 is a high end product line that uses wireless automation and a digital wireless system which powers hearing aids in both ears. The ME 1 is programmed to adapt to multi speech environments. Furthermore, its salient features are noise reduction, speech comprehension, a low battery alert and an optional remote control.

ME 2 is programmed to concentrate on speech in quiet environments and speech in loud environments. It maximizes faint sounds and minimizes loud sounds as needed by the user. It is fully digital with noise reduction and speech comprehension features.

ME3 amplifies speech in a quiet atmosphere. It subdues loud noises and increases faint noises. It is fully digital with noise reduction and speech comprehension functions.

ME 4 clarifies speech in a quiet atmosphere and is fully digital.

All the hearing aids manufactured are 100% digital, all have a free battery, and the company offers free consultation visits for three years and includes free programming, cleaning, screening and adjusting of instruments. Miracle ear hearing aids come with warranties of one, two and three years.

The company offers Amplifit programs in most of its centers to evaluate the hearing needs of the customer and to provide the perfect hearing solution to the most varied patient need.

The Miracle Ear Childrens foundation provides free hearing aids to underprivileged children with hearing impairments. Miracle Ear and Sears hearing aid centers give free treatment and evaluation services to children who qualify and employ qualified professionals to fit hearing aids.

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