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Hearing amplifiers are an interesting product and concept. I have spent the last 5 years studying and blogging about hearing aids and yet I am not 100% certain what a hearing amplifier is. On one level, it seems that a hearing amplifier is a low-cost, low quality product that people use in place of hearing aids.

On another level (or in other people’s views) it is simply a term for hearing aids and there is absolutely no difference.

I am going with the definition of a low quality product that is in no way a replacement for hearing aids.

One of the deciding factors for me is that one often sees hearing amplifiers being advertised on late night TV just before the Ginsu Knife and after the snuggy.

These products are often sub $30 and we all know that no quality hearing aid could be created for this dollar amount.

My concern with hearing amplifiers is that people who actually need to visit an audiologist will attempt to substitute their true need for hearing aids with these devices.

This will not only lead to people postponing getting the medical attention that they actually need, there is also a chance that hearing amplifiers can further damage their ear.

These hearing amplifiers are also known as Starter Aids and are known to be branded by marketers who bad mouth real hearing aids and even bad mouth audiologists.

Hearing aids 1000 is very strong on the belief that hearing loss is serious and should be dealt with by professionals. We do not endorse hearing amplifiers.

No one solves their loss of eyesight by buying $10 “glasses” that they saw on TV ads at night. People should be as cautious with their ears!

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