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Freeing users from the “echo chamber,” is what drives Vivatone to design and improve their line of hearing aids. Frequently hearing aid users complain that they feel “plugged up” and that their voices don’t sound natural to themselves. If you are not a wearer of hearing aids.

Stick your fingers in your ear and talk a bit. It sounds odd and plugged doesn’t it? This is the sensation that Vivitone hearing aids were created to combat.

When sound is delivered from behind the ear in a tube, it often sounds like one is in an echo chamber. This is another sensation that Vivatone hearing aids has set out to eliminate.

Vivatone set out to create a line of hearing aids that could solves these problems while also providing natural hearing with good comfort and cosmetic appeal.

With the creation of their Totally Open Canal technology, we believe they may have achieved it.
Vivatone currently has two hearing aid models with several hearing aids all utilizing the Totally Open Canal technology:
Entre Plus Models – all available in beige, champagne, silver, and charcoal.

  • Entre Plus 550: Extremely discreet, shorter battery life (80 hour life).
  • Entre Plus 450: Automatic directional microphone picks up sound where you want it to. Larger battery (160 hour life).
  • Entre Plus 350: An enhanced fitting range and long battery life.
  • Entre Plus 250: Fewer channels than the higher models. Automatic directional microphone with six programming bands for remembering your settings.
  • Entre Plus 225: Baseline option with fewer channels but still great battery life (160 hours).

    Prelude Models – available in beige or gray.

  • Prelude 50: Entry level unit with wide range of fitting options and wider range of sound depth.
  • Prelude 25: Enhanced anti-feedback technology clears up the sound.

    Vivitone utilizes their open canal technology to place a processor behind the ear which communicates to a speaker directly in the ear. They have defeated the echo and the plugged sensation. Vivatone should be commended for pushing to make the lives of people who wear hearing aids better.

    The Vivatone website does a great job at describing the company’s unique approach to making hearing aids. It contains detailed descriptions to the way they approach hearing aids. The Vivatone website also contains a very robust section of reviews from actual users.

    Do yourself a favor and look into Vivatone hearing aids. They are a company taking a fresh approach to hearing aid technology and that’s always welcome.

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