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Beltone Marq Hearing Aids

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The Beltone Marq hearing aid is extremely light and powerful. Beltone is one of the longest running hearing aid manufacturers in the United States.
Beltone began in the 1940s and developed the Marq hearing aid in 2007.

It is a product of over 70 years of technological advancements.

It is important to point out just how light this unit is. Including the battery the unit only weighs 1.4 grams.

The Marq is an in-the-ear-unit. Beltone has smartly allowed the consumers to pick from a number of different skin tone colors to help the Marq blend in with the ears of the wearers.

The Marq is a powerful unit that Beltone created to facilitate their dispensers with the ability to fit their patients in their offices. The aid lends itself to easy fitting and customization which can’t be said for all hearing aids.

It also utilizes a housing that can be replaced.
There are two models of the Marq, the 17 and the 9.

A pair of Marq 17 will cost you close to $7,100 while the cheaper Marq 9 will come in around $6,500 for both. Keep in mind that is the rate card that the Beltone dispensers have and they may be able to give you a discount on these rates.

The Marq is a quality product developed by Beltone. It is not the ultimate highest end in hearing aids but it is very solid and can be fit and purchased easily at a Beltone dispenser. If you are in the market, we recommend considering them.

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