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Resound Alera Hearing Aids

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The Alera hearing aid from Resound is designed for people with moderate to extreme hearing loss.

The Alera is a behind the ear hearing aid that offers all of the expected luxuries of a top of the line model including no feedback when you are very close to another person, a very warm and comforting sound quality, the ability to block out annoying white noise when in crowded areas and the precious ability to use hearing to understand what is going on around you.

There are two models of the Alera hearing aid offered by ReSound.

The Alera 60 is the smallest version. If you want to take advantage of wireless connectivity to your other electronics (phone, tv etc) you will want to go for the Alera 61.

ReSound is extremely proud of their wireless technology and when pressed on it, they were quick to point out that it goes beyond simply copying similar advances made by Oticon and others.

They posit that their proprietary 2.4 GHz method of transmitting the signal eliminates the echoing that is found in the wireless aids of the other providers and that the Alera 61 can receive wireless transitions from farther than the others.

I have read a number of reviews on the ReSound Alera products and it seems to be a very strong product in line with other top of the line models. If you are in the market for a top notch hearing aid, we recommend that you put the Resound Alera on the list of products to consider.

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