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What is the future of Cochlear Implants?

The research and development of better, more powerful and 
comfortable cochlear  implant is a continuing process.

Many scientists
believe that it will not be long before a completely in the ear cochlear implant
is evolved which will include an inbuilt microphone and a lifetime battery.

New multifunction cochlear implants have been envisaged which will help
different kinds of patients who have auditory disabilities and other allied
disabilities like vision loss or loss of voice.

Cochlear Implant  development
scientists are looking at new possibilities and possible users  who will benefit
with more effective cochlear implants.

Some scientists are attempting to design
small cochlear implants which work on the same principles of  magnetic resonance
imaging making the technique of hearing through the bionic ear simple.

In the
future scientists hope that Cochlear implant rehabilitation will be done using
 extension services or teleservices to reduce frequent visits to a hospital or
cochlear implant centers for the patient.

Another area where serious study is
being conducted for future cochlear implants is by using laser and
optical processes for precise implanting and easy programming.

The present
cochlear implant uses about  24 electrodes. The future cochlear implant that scientists are working on will have  240 electrodes making  it possible for
patient to listen to near normal sound.

Cochlear implants are being studied to
help patients who have no auditory nerves due to other conditions like
removal of tumors. Scientists hope that future cochlear implants will
enable the patient to enjoy music and recognize speech in a noisy atmosphere.

With the intensive research being done for developing better cochlear
it is safe to state that the future of the cochlear implant is sound.

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