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Treatment and Management of Tinnitus

Wide ranging efforts have been made to treat patients
suffering from tinnitus.

Hearing aids, maskers or a combination of the
two are the widely used devices to manage and treat tinnitus patients.

The cause of tinnitus which is more often a symptom than a condition is
analyzed. Tinnitus can be caused as a result of blood pressure problems, kidney
problems and as a reaction to medications.

It can be a result of a reaction to
a particular diet, an allergic reaction or a result of stress and anxiety.

Treatments for tinnitus include:

  • drug therapy

  • vitamin therapy
  • hypnosis
  • bio feedback
  • electrical stimulation
  • relaxation techniques
  • and using assistive devices
    like earphones
  • Patients suffering from extreme tinnitus in a quiet atmosphere
    benefit from a steady mechanical background noise like the whir of an electric
    fan. Holistic methods used to treat tinnitus include acupuncture and

    Drugs like ginkgo bloba, intelectol (vinpocetine) and melatonin
    are used to manage and treat tinnitus.

    Treatment using dietary
    changes including zinc in the diet have proved effective in some cases.

    patients find relief when they are treated with electrical suppression and low
    level laser therapy.

    Different forms of medication are given to suppress
    tinnitus caused by pregnancy, cardiac pacemakers, ear diseases,
    schizophrenia, hysteria and hypochondria.

    Other forms of treatment that
    have been effective for tinnitus patients are magnetic therapy and
    tinnitus retaining therapy which is used to teach tinnitus sufferers to suppress
    the wasting characteristics of tinnitus.

    A single effective cure for Tinnitus
    has not been evolved but the American Tinnitus Association in conjunction with
    medical researchers is conducting extensive research so that a complete
    panacea can soon ring true to a Tinnitus patient.

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