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Beltone Hearing Aids

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Having been in the business since 1940, Beltone is one the largest (if not THE largest) hearing aids manufacturer in the world and make some of the most reliable and effective hearing aids available.

Jumping right to the styles that Beltone currently produces:

Beltone has a few different Circuitry Systems which vary depending on the need:

Premier Circuitry which consist of two ranges: the Beltone One is for target listening. It attempts to imitate the human ear by filtering intrusive noise and making sounds relaxing. It is available in all shell styles. Beltone Corus is for usage in a range of sounds. It makes sounds comfortable and natural by minimizing background clamor.

The Advantage Circuitry System has two variations: the Beltone Linq focuses on speech and reduces other sounds concentrating on the person in front of the user by minimizing intrusive noise. It is available in all shell styles. Beltone Edge is for the variable sound atmosphere found outdoors. It reduces the loudness of non speech sounds. It has a company provided rechargeable battery which is chargeable for 24-hour usage and comes in all shell styles.

The Quality circuitry system consists of two variations. The Beltone Access is effective for most ranges of hearing loss. It is adaptable for all comfort levels and comes in all shell styles. Beltone Mira can be used in different settings because of its adaptability. All noises are controlled and whistling minimized. It is available in all shell styles.

The Basic Circuitry System features the Arca brand of hearing aid. Salient features of the Beltone Arca are its volume controls, program switching mechanism and telephone adaptability. It is available in all shell styles.

Beltone has established Belcare Centers in most states for continuous monitoring of a patients needs. The Belcare centers employ qualified professionals to assess and treat patients using “up to the hour” (their words, not mine) ear care measures.

Beltone, for all their bluster, is truly the preferred hearing aid manufacturers for many health insurance plans and a company that deserves the reputation for highly reliable patient service.

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