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Don’t Let Them Hold You Back!

This is a piece we put together primarily for our younger readers and children who are hearing challenged and who use hearing aids. To some it may seem obvious, but we want to show that wearing a hearing aid or being deaf is in no way a wall to becoming famous. If fame you seek, fame you shall have. Having perfect hearing or not has nothing to do with it. Below are three examples of very famous people who have hearing issues and have certainly worn hearing aids at one time in their life. There are hundreds of these stories. Please learn from them and be inspired by them.

Lou Ferrigno: Certainly Lou’s friends and peers were green with envy from the success that Lou had as the star of the incredible hulk in the 1970’s, but life was not always easy for Lou. As a kid he was teased and bullied by other kids. They called him Deaf Louie. Rather than bottling up his anger, he turned to the weight room and let out his frustrations at the gym. Years later he went on to massive success in the world of body building and in Hollywood. Hearing loss and wearing a hearing aid did not hold Lou back, it pushed him to stardom!

Amy Ecklund: Amy is a woman who shows us that hearing issues should not stop anyone from pursuing their dreams of being an actor. Amy’s hearing loss was so severe that she actually had a cochlear implant. The surgery was a success and from there she became one as well. She had played many rolls on stage and on TV. Her most famous role is as a soap opera star on Guiding Light.

Kenny Walker: This is not Kenny SKY Walker, the incredible NBA star we are talking about here. We are talking about the NFL great and deaf person, Kenny Walker. Kenny never let needing hearing aids or massive hearing loss get in the way of his dreams. Ever since he was a kid he wanted to play on Sundays. That dream was made a reality when the Denver Broncos drafted him after a fabled career at the University of Nebraska. It is hard to imagine playing such a fast and brutal sport as pro football without 100% perfect hearing. Believe it. Kenny is amazing.

People who are hard of hearing, deaf or use hearing aids are amazing. Please send us any of the amazing stories that you have!

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