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Starkey is the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids and have been manufacturing hearing aids from 1973. Over the years Starkey has marketed several brands of hearing aids for a wide range of users at varying costs.

Currently they manufacture the ‘Destiny’ brand of middle level hearing aids and ELI, a high end product which can be used with blue tooth enabled phones.

Destiny 1600 the newest product of Starkey includes a self help diagnostic tool which reports to the user about the instrument’s performance, the status of the instrument’s circuit, receiver and microphone.

‘Destiny 1600’ is available for usage BTE (Behind the ear), ITE (In the ear), ITC (In the canal) and CIC (Completely in the canal). It automatically adjusts to quiet, mechanical noises and focused speeches.

It has a built in ear measurement tool to detect speech and other tones. It is designed to suit all noise environments.  ‘Destiny 1200’ is programmed to switch between differing noise atmospheres.

It enables the user to concentrate on the faintest of sounds without allowing intrusion. It can detect both speech and sounds according to the user’s needs.

It automatically adjusts to the needs of the user even in a clamorous atmosphere. All adjustments can be personalized. ‘Destiny 1200’ is available for usage BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC, OTC (On the ear) and RIC (Receiver in the canal). ‘Destiny 800’ is ideal for usage in noisy yet focused surroundings like meetings group discussions and speeches.

It automatically adjusts to the level of noise and all adjustments can be customized in a need based manner. ‘Destiny 200’ is an economical brand to be used in quieter environments. It is programmed however, to easily adapt to a noisy atmosphere and to adapt to the transition to a noisy atmosphere. ‘Destiny 200’ is available for usage BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC and RIC.

All Starkey products are programmed to eliminate whistling. They contain the features of low battery warning, memory, autophone, adaptability and data logging. They carry a one year guarantee and also offer a free trial. The main features of Starkey hearing aids are the up gradation and concentration on development of newer and better products.

Starkey also invests in the Starkey hearing Foundation that concentrates on research education charitable work for ‘hearing disability consciousness’, promotion around the world.

Starkey was the Brand of the Month for June 2008:

This month we take a look at a very interesting hearing aids manufacturer Starkey. Starkey is the world’s largest maker of hearing aids and has arguably done more for people with hearing loss and their families than any other company.

My guess is that this is a difficult argument to make since they make hearing aids for profit, and I am sure there are many non-profit companies working in the trenches that have done amazing work for those affected by hearing loss.

Nevertheless, Starkey is a large company truly striving to make great products for those who suffer from hearing loss.

Starkey operates over thirty-five facilities among twenty-four different countries. This is a truly global company. On their website, they have an address in Minnesota as their primary mailing list so I assume they are a Midwest company.

Starkey has been building and researching hearing aids for over forty years now. Starkey has gone beyond hearing aids in that they also develop products for listening to music as well as mobile communication.

Starkey are true audio experts and have therefore expanded into many product types. Starkey does however remain primarily a company built around hearing aids. Forty years in the making, twenty four countries served, Starkey is a giant in the industry.

If you or a family member is looking for a hearing aids you should give Starkey hearing aids a look.

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