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Disposable Hearing Aids

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A look at the makers and the features of disposable hearing aids.

On some level it seems like a concept or product that should not exist but in this day and age there is almost a disposable version of every consumer product and hearing aids are no exception.

Certainly it is safe to say that no disposable hearing aid can produce the quality of the standard top of the line Rexton, Phonak, Siemens or other hearing aids but the disposable products are getting better. Let’s take a look at some of the models out there in the marketplace and the primary uses for them.

Songbird hearing aids are the primary creator and driver for the disposable hearing aids market. Have a look at our full review of Songbird hearing aids on this site for a full breakdown on Songbird’s approach. Essentially they have created hearing aids that are simply done away with when the battery life expires.

is no changing the batteries and there is none of the standard maintenance that comes along with traditional hearing aids. Songbird has two options for disposable hearing aids: the Songbird 400 and the Songbird pro.

The 400 expires after 400 hours or 3 months while the pro lasts 600 hours or 4 months.

The songbird disposable hearing aids can be purchased for less than $120 for the most advanced products. Also, the songbird disposable hearing aids require no in office medical exam.

There are some negatives to disposable hearing aids. They are standard in-ear fit requiring the canal to be blocked. They are not fit and set exactly to your settings so the ‘one size fits all’ approach certainly sacrifices quality.

If you or your loved one are in real need of hearing aids for the foreseeable future, disposable hearing aids are likely not the solution. They are far from the top of technology and not the best you can get. If you need a temporary, convenient and inexpensive hearing aids you may want to look at the songbird products.

I liken these hearing aids to the knee braces that can be purchased in any drugstore. If you have a torn ACL and are going out to play soccer for the first time in 16 months you are not going to use on of these inexpensive, un-customized braces.

You will want a brace fitted to you at the doctor’s office that employs the latest technology. If you want something easy to buy to keep your knee warm on a jog, the drugstore version may just do. Songbird’s disposable hearing aids are the drugstore knee braces of hearing aids.

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