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Widex Baby 440 Hearing Aids

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Babies need to hear right from the very day they are born in order to be able to speak properly.

For this reason, the Widex Baby 440 is a crucial development in the world of hearing aids!

Certainly the widex baby 440 has to be a smaller design to fit into the ears of infants but this is just the beginning of the differences. Most importantly, this aid allows hearing of much higher frequencies.

Babies are able to hear much higher pitches as they have yet to “ruin” any of their hearing with the wear and tear of life.

These aids are also made of a more tamper resistant material than most because babies are prone to playing with them and getting them dirty
With all of the above features put into the Baby 440 it is a tribute to Widex that the hearing aid also has very high sound quality.

A milestone in engineering and a wonderful piece of technology to benefit the babies of the world, the Widex baby 440 is a very good hearing aid. If you have a baby that has been diagnosed with hearing issues we strongly recommend considering this product for them. The baby 440 from Widex could get them hearing right away and along the crucial path of language development!

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