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Located in the Bern region of Switzerland, Bernafon has been making high quality hearing aids for sixty one years. The Swiss are certainly known for their ability to craft very fine small machines (think Swiss watches) and Bernafon proudly carries this national tradition into the world of hearing aids.

There has been many important milestones in the history of Bernafon but none are more important than 1946, when they introduced their first commercially available hearing aid and 1991 when they won the contract to supply Australian Hearing Services with hearing aids. They now have a massive presence in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Canada and the US.

Bernafon wisely focus on creating hearing aids for the range of needs from basic to very technical.
They have created over 8 brands within the Bernafon family with easy to remember names such as Veras, Icos, Brite and Move. We will look at a few of these specific brands to get a feel for the range that they are offering.

Veras hearing aids from Bernafon is built around their channel free technology and is designed in six formats. Amazingly the Veras hearing aids are able to analyze the incoming noise at over 20,000 times per second in an effort to filter up any of the speech that has made its way to the ear of the wearer.

They have also built the Veras units to be Bluetooth compatible.

The Icos line from Bernafon focuses on those people with active lifestyles. It has technology to always focus on speech versus the other noise in the environment but with a focus on doing this in places such as the outdoors or on the golf course.

Neo represents the economy line of aids from Bernafon. With directional microphone technology and built in FM capability, the Neo line is not the world’s most advanced piece of technology but it is very well priced and should be considered a top choice when looking for a basic hearing aid.

It is great to see a company with such a rich tradition continue to succeed and grow. Bernafon has been a staple of the hearing aid industry and will continue to be for a long time in the future.

They have a rock solid business base that allows them to continue to pay heavy into research and therefore be a leader in technological advances in hearing aids.

Bernafon has a well deserved reputation as a leader in the hearing aid space and you will be well off to consider buying one of their hearing aids if you are in the market. Well done Bernafon!

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