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America Hears is a hearing aid company founded by Henry Smith in 1979. The story of America Hears is a wonderful one as it is the story of a committed and caring man who literally started making hearing aid molds in his basement and has grown it into a very successful and compassionate hearing aid company.

By 2001, the company had factories in Pennsylvania and Minnesota and was selling over 40,000 units a year. The company was not always called America Hears but this is the name that Henry Smith has settled on for his hearing aid company.

The America Hears model is a bit different from the largest hearing aid manufacturers in that they deliver the hearing aids directly to the end user. They employ state of the art technology when making their hearing aids and they are as advanced as any that you find on the market, but they do not use massive distribution chains.

This approach gives America Hears a more local feel which appeals to many people. There message is one of self belief and empowerment. Believe in yourself as the people at America Hears believe in their hearing aids! It is a great message.

America Hears make all of the standard types of hearing aids that other companies make including Receiver-in-the-ear , open-fit and traditional BTE makes.

Rite-158 is their entry into the receiver in the ear and is priced at $899 per hearing aid (no one ever said these are the least expensive hearing aids on the market!). Quality does not come cheap. They also have the independence rite-168 which is $999 per hearing aid.

The Independence OF – 152 is their entry into the open fit hearing aid arena. These units coast $699 per hearing aid. The Independence OF3 – 162 is their flagship open fit hearing aid and cost over $1,000 per aid.

BTE3-161 is America Hears behind the ear hearing aid. This is priced at $1,099. Again not the cheapest aid but you are getting super highly crafted hearing aids delivered directly to you from the manufacturer. This is a very unique approach and is costly but worth it in the opinion of us at hearing aids 1000.

We are not the only ones who believe that the direct to the consumer model employed by America Hears is worth looking at. In 2008, The Wall Street Journal featured an article on the company and its unique approach. Any industry needs a unique provider who is willing to approach the model differently.

For Hearing aids, America Hears provides just this. We are very happy they are in business and recommend that you look at them if you or someone you love needs a hearing aid!

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