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Sonus Hearing Care Professionals

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Sonus hearing takes a very unique approach to both fitting and selling hearing aids. They have an approach at Sonus that is geared to the patient.

They take a great deal of time to understand the individual who is in the market for a hearing aid. As we all know, the person who is buying a hearing aid for the first time is a very different patient from the person buying their fourth.

Equally different is teenage boy who needs a hearing aid and a fifty-five year old business executive. Sonus does a good job of getting a perspective on this before fitting patients for aids.

A very unique and crucial offer that Sonus provides is that every hearing aid they sell comes with a free 75 day trial period. Certainly other companies offer trial periods with their aids but I have not seen one as long as 75 days. This is a great deal because it may take up to 70 days to really know how you feel about your new hearing aid.

Sonus was founded in 1993 with the sole mission of providing hearing care patients with top notch service. They are not a hearing aid manufacturer rather they are a service provider.

They are now owned by Amplifon and have over 3,500 hearing centers across America!

The numbers behind Sonus hearing centers speak for themselves! Over 90% of their clients have referred Sonus to a friend or family member.

Please post a note on our blog if you have visited a Sonus hearing center. We have not received any first hand referrals to date but it seems that they are very reputable operation with over 17 years of success under their belt!

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