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Acoustic Neuroma and Hearing Aids

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An acoustic Neuroma is a benign tumor.

That is the good news. However, there is no doubt that being diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma can be extremely scary. Additional good news is that these tumors can be removed surgically with very little recurrence and now radiation therapy (non-surgical) is being offered for some patients.

Education and good information is the key to dealing with the knowledge that you or someone you love has an Acoustic Neuroma. Any time a tumor is found near the brain it can easily cause panic.

Knowledge is the enemy of panic. Let’s now talk more about Acoustic Neuroma and the role that hearing aids play with them.

AN (Acoustic Neuroma) are usually found when a doctor is actually looking for something else. Once found, the decision to remove or operate is not made immediately.

It is best to observe the tumor and see if it grows and how it is affecting things.

If ultimately the decision is made to remove the tumor, there are three different types of surgeries that are used based on location and size of the tumor.

The three types of surgery are sub-occipital, middle fossa, and trans-labyrinthine.

The reason we are discussing AN on our hearing aid site is because not only can it affect balance but certainly it affects hearing.

The Acoustic Neuroma grows from the vestibule-cochlear nerve. In turn, hearing loss and dizziness are primary symptoms of AN which are the same symptoms that cause most people to seek the aid of a hearing aid in the first place.

The challenge is that the hearing loss symptoms of AN usually are so gradual and minor that the patient does not seek the needed help.

Instead they ignore the sensation and assume it will go away or that they could use a hearing aid in the future to fix the slowly developing hearing loss.

Acoustic Neuroma is a very complex issue and we have only scratched the surface but it is a big issue in the world of those with hearing loss. Please ask your doctor about any questions you have and never ignore hearing loss!

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