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Nexear hearing aid company focuses on tackling the issue of affordability for hearing aids. They are well aware that millions of Americans need hearing aids but simply can’t afford to pay out what often amounts to $4,000 for the hearing aids.

Jumping right to the styles that Nexear currently produces:

For Americans with hearing loss up to moderate, Nexear provides technology that improves hearing to where it needs to be while remaining affordable.

If one suffers from extreme hearing loss, Nexear is not the ideal product. The good news is that Nexear realizes this and points it out.

But don’t be mistaken nd assume that their products are not top of the line. Nexear is registered with the FDA as class one medical products.

Nexear is located in Scottsdale AZ and their hearing aids can be found in some of the largest stores and on the largest websites including Target, Drugstore.com and CVS pharmacy.

At about the size of a dime, the Nexear 200 is their entry level product. It includes adaptive feedback cancelation and the fit is fully customizable. The Nexear 900 is their top of the line offering. This hearing aid includes multiple memories which can be accessed with buttons. It employs a very comfortable open ear fit and has very wide ranging compression technology. In other words, it deals very well with the differences of loud and soft noises.

Nexear hearing aids are perfect for people who do not suffer from extreme hearing loss and are not able to pay the $2,000 per ear of the more expensive hearing aids. There is a great need for Nexear hearing aids and we are very glad they exist!

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