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Micro-Tech is a Minnesota based company that has been a leader in the hearing aid space since they began production in 1986. Per their website, they are committed to their customers (both the people who wear the hearing aids as well as the practitioners who fit and distribute them) and to advancing technology. They are extremely proud of the BluWave Signal processing system that they have created.

Micro-Tech has integrated their BluWave SP into all of their hearing aid systems. Their most advanced line is the Curve line – “where art meets science.”

The curve comes in three levels M3, M5 and M7. M7 is the absolute top of the line and has outperformed all other hearing aids in its class.

It has extremely strong performance in the three areas that matter most for a hearing aid: directionality, speech audibility and overall clarity. It also includes self check diagnosis and patient reminders.

The M5 curve hearing aid is also very strong and includes touchless telephone response.

M3 curve is their entry level hearing aid and will work just fine for those who spend a majority of their time in “clutter free” noise environments.

Radius is the other line of hearing aids from Micro-tech. These are not quite as high tech as the Curve but are very solid and come in four levels from the entry model -Radius 4, up to the top – Radius 16. The Radius model also includes the Micro-Tech BluWave technology.

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