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Starkey Series S Hearing Aids

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The Series S line of hearing aids from Starkey is their most advanced and quite possible the most advanced in production anywhere. In no way is the Series S line from Starkey a hearing aid that can be fitted at home and ordered online.

A tool of this sophistication must be fitted and ordered from a professional audiologist.
Starkey uses both its Drive Architecture and Voice iQ technologies to insure it is top of the line.

The Drive Architecture uses massive processing power (similar to today’s most powerful computers) to deal with the load of data that is compiled from the sound it picks up.

This power is all harnessed in the Series S line to provide an invisible transition from loud to quite scenarios and to make everyday speech sound as smooth as possible.

It is important to keep in mind that all the technology poured into these hearing aids is simply geared at making sound as natural as possible. This is achieved to almost perfection by Starkey with this Series S line.

With all of the power and science applied to this line, the price is not exactly low. The iQ9 line comes in around $1,900, the iQ11 line of the Series S from Starkey can be found for close to $2,100.

Again, not inexpensive but none of the good ones are.
If anyone in our community has a pair of the S Series can you please go to our blog and post a comment on your experience.

We feel safe suggesting that you should definitely consider this product from Starkey if you are in the market but no one on our team has given the product a test run.

Starkey makes fantastic hearing aids and we have no reason to think that this line would be any exception. Thank you again for reading and please participate in this discussion if you have anything to add. We value your voice and opinion very much!

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