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Interton Hearing Aids

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Interton is a Denmark based company that has been making hearing aids for over 40 years. The Interton tag line is ‘simply different’ which is a bit odd for a hearing aid company but it speaks to the desire at Interton to serve their customers at the absolute highest level.

The premier hearing aid developed by Interton is the RITE hearing aid. RITE stands for receiver in the ear and it combines the best of both the behind the ear and in the ear hearing aids.

With the RITE aid, the external receiver is placed in the hearing canal providing the high quality sound yet giving the comfort of an open fit.
Interton also makes an Open Fit behind the ear hearing aid. This aid eliminates the plugged up sensation of a traditional mold and remains close to invisible with the use of a clear tube to deliver the sound.

Interton also has power instruments for the individuals with extreme hearing loss who simply need more power out of their hearing aids. This is a user group that is often over looked by hearing aid manufacturers.

Interton has power products in almost all of their lines of hearing aids.

Interton claims to be different and we think they just may pull it off. They have very strong product lines and they promise high levels of support for all of their partners.

Interton is a global hearing aid company that has not lost sight of the fact that this is a human industry built around helping people.

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