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At Hearing Aids 1000 we are often asked, “Which is the best hearing aid?” While it may seem that this simple question should have a simple objective answer, sadly this is just not the case. It would be great to simply say, “Beltone Hearing aids are the best.” Or, even harder to say, “The Oticon Delta is the single best option for everyone.” But the answer to this question is often different for different people.

People need hearing aids to improve their hearing. Can someone who needs to improve their eye-sight ask which is the best pair of glasses for everyone? Of course not. The best hearing aid is the hearing aid that provides the most comfort, ease-of-use and increases the life experience of the user the most.

Instead the question that should be asked is, “What type of hearing aids are the user looking for?” An in-ear-device? Behind-the-ear? Should you try a Baha Implant system? Is a Cochlear Implant the route you need to go?

Once you have decided the best hearing aids approach you then should consider the following questions:
  1) How does my insurance deal with the hearing aids that I am going to use. Does my insurance cover cochlear implants? Do they support the Baha Implant approach?
  2) How crucial is pricing to me? Are you concerned that you may not even use your hearing aids (as many people do) so you want to find cheap in-ear hearing aids to start with?
  3) How important is brand to me? Are you more comfortable going with the biggest names in the hearing aids world? Is it a comfort to work with Seimens hearing aids or Beltone or would it be alright to use a newer, lesser known brand?

Answer these questions and you’ll be much closer to answering the original question: what is the best hearing aid? No one can tell you what the best hearing aids are because everyone has to answer this question for themself.

If we can help you at all reach this answer with specific questions about hearing aids please reach out to us right away. We love to hear from you and are “HEAR TO HELP”!

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