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What is the biggest challenge with owning a hearing aid? Buying them in the first place since insurance is rarely a help? Wearing them in rainy climates? Certainly these two issues are real and a challenge but I would argue that constantly buying and replacing batteries is the biggest hassle.

What is the solution for this – rechargeable hearing aids! These sound wonderful on paper but how good are they in practice?

A first look at the products that are offered on Amazon.com when searching rechargeable hearing aids makes me pretty skeptical.

They are promoting the Lee Majors (yes – 6 million dollar man) aid and the whisper rechargeable aid for $47 dollars.

Neither of these offerings is screaming quality at me. Is it simply a fact that poor quality and rechargeable hearing aids go hand in hand? Let’s find out.

Low quality is tied to these. The reality is that rechargeable hearing aids are actually much more like hearing amplifiers.

The quality makers of aids (Siemens, Rexton, Oticon…) do not produce rechargeable hearing aid products. They are below their standards. This does, however, make me wonder if rechargeable batteries for hearing aids are actually the better solution.

These do exist and they (as expected) are not cheap. On Amazon you will pay over $35 for a pair of rechargeable hearing aid batteries. My concern with these is two-fold. One, these are expensive and small and very likely to get lost.

I would bet that over time given the loss factor, you may spend more money on these than standard batteries. Two, it seems that most rechargeable batteries die slow deaths and after a number of uses are no longer able to carry a charge.

This is ok for the batteries in your remote controlled car. This is not ok for your hearing aid.
At the end of the day, it appears that ‘recharge-ability’ has not come yet to the world of hearing aids in any real fashion. I’m sure it will someday but it is not here yet.

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