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Rexton Hearing Aids

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For over half a century, Rexton has been manufacturing relatively affordable hearing aids.

They have a range of audio friendly hearing aids, including BTE (hehind-the-ear), CIC (completely in-the-ear) to Full Shell models. Their catalog currently includes:

  • Revera – setting the standard in user-defind technology, the Revera line offers a range of options for most every user. Available in nearly all styles (custom sizes in both BTE and Open Fit BTE). The specialty feature is the data logging system that helps an audiologist carefully modify the changes required by the patient.
  • The Calibra range of hearing aids manufactured by Rexton consist of 3 ITE (In the ear) and 8 BTE variations. They come in full shell, half shell, in the canal, mini canal and completely in the canal shells. The main features are its accurate fitting mechanism in accordance with the need of the patient.
  • The Targa range of hearing aids manufactured by Rexton are economically priced and consist of 3 ITE and BTE variations.

    They come in half shell, ITE, mini canal and completely in the canal shells.

    The Arena range of hearing aids manufactured by Rexton consist of 6 ITE and 2 BTE variations. They come in full shell, half shell, ITC mini canal and completely in the canal shells. This range of hearing aids comes with enhancement possibilities and a low battery signal. The microphone noise can be reduced and there is a delayed power feature.

    The warranty in Rexton hearing aids ranges from one to two years depending on the product. All products carry a TWO-YEAR loss policy. Rexton hearing aids are easily available to patients with hearing disabilities through audiologists recognized and trained by the company. Thus fitting of the instrument is done by product specific trained personnel.

    Rexton provides consumer services both before and after sales. Many customers have benefited because of the effectiveness of Rexton hearing aids in atmospheres consisting of varying degrees of sound. Many users of Rexton hearing aids find that the instrument has an adaptable and easy fit in the ear.

    The main feature of Rexton hearing aids are their affordability. The Lions Club International has partnered with Rexton to provide hearing aids to the audio challenged under their Affordable Hearing Aids Project (AHAP). Thus Rexton manufactures hearing aids for a variety of hearing needs affordable for the needy.

    Rexton is located in Minneapolis, MN. A visit to the Rexton web site shows that they are not only interested in educating users about the Rexton products but about hearing aids in general. This is a good sign in a company. They have a full page dedicated to the difference between Digital, Programmable Analog and Conventional Analog hearing aids. This white-paper is very helpful piece in guiding buying decisions and is classy for Rexton to provide. They point out that digital hearing instruments are the most technologically advanced of the hearing devices.

    The digital hearing aids are ideal for people with active lifestyles. Programmable analog circuits (not surprisingly) provide more features and power than the conventional analog hearing aids. The sound levels and more are managed and changed by a professional with a computer. Conventional analog can get the job done but they lack the intricacies of the other two. As Rexton points out, these are well suited for budget conscious consumers.

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