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The Oticon Agil hearing aid marks a new high in technology levels for both Oticon and hearing aids.
In a truly revolutionary approach, Oticon has chosen to focus on the natural way that the human ear and brain processes sound and helps recreate this for the wearer.

It makes sense, when you enter a room there are always many sounds occurring. I can currently hear an elevator ding, two conversations behind me and my fingers typing.

Thanks to our amazing brain, I know the elevator is too my left and the people speaking are directly behind me, all this figured out just with my ears – no eyes.

The Oticon Agil focuses on recreating this amazing feat.

The technology that is at the heart of the Oticon Agil that enables this is called Spatial Sound 2.0.

What is really novel and important to know about this technological development by Oticon is not only does it make things sound natural versus flat to the wearer; it also removes the massive amount of fatigue that comes with wearing a hearing aid and trying to make things sound normal.

So how does the Agil get this done? Well signal fidelity is a massive part of the equation; Oticon has used its top of the line technology in this hearing aid to insure that the levels are crystal clear.

This combined with intelligent sound amplification is the needed formula. Too many hearing aids manufacturers simply crank the volume of all the sounds. This is wrong. Oticon keeps the sounds true and at their required and accurate volume.

The Agil is a massive lead in hearing aid technology. If you or someone you love is in the market for a hearing aid, the Oticon Agil should be on the consideration list.

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