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Bone Conduction Implant

Bone Conduction Implants are also called Bone
Anchored Hearing Aids

( BAHA) or osseointegrated hearing aids..

conduction implants
consist of surgically implanted titanium screws on the
bone behind the ear which is in turn attached to an external hearing aid called
the BAHA.

The instrument stimulates vibrations in the acoustic sensory
portions of the inner ear. Patients with middle ear dysfunction benefit from the
use of BAHAs.

Bone conduction implants are also beneficial to patients who
suffer from purely conductive hearing loss or the inability of sound waves to be
conducted through the outer ear to the inner ear.

Patients with a
malformation of the ear from birth also called congenital atresia and those with
single sided deafness find sound hearing benefits from Bone conducted
BAHAs are easier to use when the patient has at least one properly
functioning inner ear.

There are two types of BAHAs.
Transcutaneous BAHAs are
connected indirectly to the bone through unbroken skin.

Percutaneous BAHAs
have proved to be more effective as the implant is attached through the skin to
the bone and the quality of sound is better when passing through skin.

BAHAs are
not advised for small children as their temporal bone is not developed. The
leading manufacturer of the BAHA is the Swedish Company, ‘Entefic Medical

BAHAs help the patient hear clear and natural sound. It is a
comfortable device and the patient sometimes forgets that a hearing device has
been attached.

Since a BAHA is bone anchored it is reversible if the patient
prefers using a new technically advanced instrument as it does not interfere
with the nerve sensory system. Bone Conductive Implants are clarity
assistive that work by vibrations sent through the bone.

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