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Bernafon Veras 9 Hearing Aids

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On this page we want to take a close look at the Veras 9 hearing aid produced by Bernafon. This is the Cadillac of the hearing aids that they produce. It is flush with almost every option that hearing aid technology offers to date.

Here is a quick list of the options and benefits that you receive when using the Veras nine:

  • Color and Design customization options
  • Wireless connectivity to Bluetooth technology
  • Wireless transmission of all mobile and landline phone signals
  • Wireless tv connectivity
  • Advanced learning technologies and many many more.

    The Bernafon Veras nine has almost upgrade that you could ask for. This benefit does not mean that the product is bulky and too heavy. Quite the opposite. It is amazingly small and compact.

    It is important to note that all of this technology and compact sizing does not come cheap. You can expect to pay about $1,300 per hearing aid and $99 for the remote to control them. Certainly these are prices right in line with other manufacturers top of the line hearing aids (perhaps even a little cheaper).

    The core technology powering the Bernafon Veras 9 is the digital signal processing that is literally analyzing the incoming sound at the pace of over 20,000 times per second. It seems insane as I type these words that they can process this fast, but they do and that is why the sound quality is so amazing and why you consistently read good reviews of these products.

    If you can afford them, we strongly suggest taking a look at the VERAS 9 hearing aids. These aids represent tip of the spear technology.

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