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Amplified Telephones

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Amplified telephones can prove to be very helpful tools for people suffering from hearing loss. The makers of amplified telephones sell those that only amplify incoming sound – more common – as well as phones that amplify both incoming and outgoing sound.

Amplified telephones vary in their strength so you should be certain to speak with your hearing specialist to determine what decibel level would be best for you.

If you are not completely dependent on your hearing aid and have mild hearing loss then you will want to look for a phone with 18-27db strength.

Those who suffer from extreme hearing loss will want to look for amplified hearing phones in the 50+ decibel range.

A challenge with amplified phones is that they are designed for people who use hearing aids to help elevate high frequencies. There currently are no products designed to improve low frequencies on the telephones.

Like all phones these days, amplified phones come with cordless options.

If you are in the market for an amplified telephone you may also want to look for a ring signaler. As the name suggests, a ring signaler has a light that blinks when the phone is ringing in case someone with hearing loss is not hearing the ring.

Hearing aids, amplified telephones and ring signalers – three of the thousands of products on the market for those with hearing loss. It can be a jungle out there for shoppers (not just Axl Rose of of the rock band Guns N’ Roses – who likely will need a hearing aid soon). Be sure to research the product you are going to purchase and try to stick with well known brands.

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