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Resound is a another Danish manufacturer of hearing aids (see Opticon). Formed in 1999 by the merger of GN Danavox and Resound Corporation. In 2000, the company took over the hearing aid manufacturer Beltone.

In addition to the Beltone brands, Resound manufactures several brands of hearing aids under its own name. While all of Resound’s hearing aids are high quality, each differs itself with one distinctive feature:

  • The Resound Air hearing aid minimizes sound obstruction by its unique air venting facilities.
  • Canto 4 is a BTE (Behind the ear) model which focuses on identifying speech in clamorous surroundings.
  • New Tone comes in BTE and ITE (In the ear) models and has a switch with which the user can use different programs according to need. Its mechanism eliminates disagreeable whistling noises and service is included in the cost.
  • Metrix has the salient feature of being able to record the sound atmosphere and operations of the user to enable better fine-tuned fitting and recognition of the user’s needs.
  • Pixel gives an unspoiled crisp sound. It is designed for comfort and is the ideal choice for first time users. The focus of the instrument is on giving a normal listening experience to the user.
  • The Plus 5 model contains superior listening features and a detailed data logging mechanism for users with variable usage needs.
  • The Viking focuses on a keen listening experience by providing manual volume controls as well as battery locks for greater safety.
  • Danalogic is an easy fit model that rests snugly between the ear and the head for greater comfort.
  • The Danasound model has a graceful shape that adds the cosmetic difference to a superior listening experience.
  • Azure, a newer model, is for users who live in multi-sound atmospheres, such as mass transit commuters, or busy office workers. It automatically adjusts to varying sounds by way of a detailed directional mechanism. The Azure suppresses interfering sounds except for that of the speaker in front. It has five customizable forms to fit every need. Further, the “Tru fit” process used in the manufacture of the instrument results in better fitting hearing aids. It comes in ITE, ITC (In the canal), CIC (Completely in the canal) and BTE models.

    Most Resound hearing aids come with a two-year warranty, while some come with a three-year warranty.

    {change to reflect what GN says about itself from its website) Resound is renowned to pioneer solutions to make a difference in the lives of the hearing impaired by hiring audiologists to monitor manufacture.

    Most Resound hearing aids come with a two-year warranty, while some come with a three-year warranty.

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