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Interviews with Hearing Aid Wearers

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In this section of HearingAids1000 we will share some conversations we’ve had with Hearing Aid users across the world. The idea is to share some insights into how others who are using hearing aids are living with them on a day-to-day basis. Ideally this conversational section will be a source of learning as well as a source of camaraderie. Please write emails to us with your personal stories as well as your phone number if you are open to having a discussion with us for inclusion in our interview section.

Our first discussion with a hearing aid user is with Betty Magee. Betty is 79-years-old and lives in Bellevue, Washington. She has been using a hearing aid for the last 7 years. Her initial hearing aid was built by Phonak but for the last 5 years she has used Siemens hearing aids exclusively.

“I just wish the batteries would last longer,” was a regular refrain from Betty. Well, we didn’t need this series to confirm this but Betty is like the rest of us, frustrated with the short life of hearing aid batteries. “I have gotten much better at changing and testing the batteries though I must admit. Also, Don (her husband of 53 years) is a real help with the little devils.”

I asked Betty if she buys her hearing aid batteries online. She looked at me sideways and said, “no I haven’t made that leap yet and I’m not sure I will — I mean I would like to but I don’t know much about the internet.” She went on to explain that she has had a relationship with her local Wallgreens store for over 10 years and they know exactly what batteries she needs.

“I really don’t enjoy wearing my hearing aid and I wish I didn’t have to, but in most social settings it’s become a necessity. I don’t like missing out on conversations or repeating what others already said.” She concludes, “Listen, having this dang thing in my ear is no treat but not being able to hear my Great Granddaughter say ‘Nana’ is even worse.”

Betty, we at HearingAids1000.com thank you very much for sharing your story with us. Please stay in touch and let us know of any new developments with your hearing aids.

Our Second Discussion is with a younger Hearing Aid User:
“My name is Steven and I blame playing the drums for my hearing loss.” Steven played in a rock band for most of his teenage years and all of his twenties. As we often hear from younger wearers, “I didn’t like wearing ear plugs because it cut out all the high frequencies.”

Unfortunately, Steven may be accurate in his self diagnosis. He may indeed require his current hearing aid due to the abusively loud music that he played. The cymbals especially can wreak havoc on a drummer’s ear.

“I’m not thrilled about having to use the hearing aids” he says. “It is a bit embarrassing frankly,” he admits. “Wearing them makes me feel old or at least makes me think that others view me as old. I know that is a bad stereotype and that people of all ages wear hearing aids but it is how I feel.”

Steven wears a Siemens hearing aid but he has also owned Phonak and Oticon models. He went on to speak more about the challenges of hearing aids including the batteries and gentleness of some of them. “Put it this way,” he explains. “I’m 37-years-old and live a bit of a wild life. I am going to ‘set’ my hearing aid down too hard or maybe spill things on it. I wish they were a bit more resilient.” Life could be worse he ended. He told us that he is getting used to wearing his Siemens hearing aid. “I wish I would have used those dang ear plugs my Mom always sent me to practice with! If I ever have a child who is a musician and am simply going to make it mandatory. ‘wear the ear plugs today or wear the hearing aid tomorrow!”

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