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HearingLossHelp.com Review

For People with Hearing Loss,
By People with Hearing Loss

The Center for Hearing Loss Help is one of the most in-depth resources you will find on the Internet related to hearing loss. What is so unique and refreshing about the Center for Hearing Loss Help is that it’s not only run for individuals with hearing loss, but it’s run BY individuals with hearing loss

Furthermore, their website goes much further than discussing hearing aids. As their About Us section states: they are providing help and support to individuals with deafness, balance issues, tinnitus, phantom sounds and other issues.

Have a quick look at their web site: www.HearingLossHelp.com

It’s clear this site was not developed to make a quick dollar off the hearing loss community. They are sincerely concerned with helping people. The site offers solutions that people can apply themselves for common ear problems including Meniere‚Äôs disease, ringing in the ear, hyperacusis and many other ailments.

The review of products on the Center for Hearing Loss Help website is impressive. They go into great detail on a number of different product types, including cell phone accessories, room loop systems, FM systems and personal listening systems.

Possibly the most intriguing portion of their website is the weblog. This area contains comments and reviews discussing topics such as “musicians and hearing loss,” “hearing aids are not the complete answer” and “ear wax removal medication” to name a few. You get the point; this is an great forum for people with hearing loss or family members/garegivers of those with hearing loss.
I could do on and on about this website but I challenge you to visit and judge for yourself! This is a gem on the Internet, bookmark it and visit it often!

-Team Hearing Aids 1000

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