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Welcome to Hearing Aids 1000

Welcome to Hearing Aids 1000

Hearing Aids 1000 community continues to grow rapidly. We get loads of emails — questions and advice — everyday. Keep the comments coming in and together we can make hearing aids easier.

Started over five years ago, Hearing Aids 1000 is quickly growing into one of the leading hearing aids resources on the internet. We offer the latest and most important information and will give you a completely unbiased look at the hearing aids industry.

We do not sell any products! Only advise as to which products we like (or don’t like) the most.

We know that hearing aids are a confusing, expensive, and very much unwanted addition to someone’s life. We strive to provide you the best, up-to-date information on all issues related to hearing, hearing loss and hearing aids so that you will be able to make the most informed purcha

se possible.

We are always updating our site with the lastest content — recently extending our information on hearing aid batteries and have taken an even closer look at the Oticon and Rexton companies. And we will continue to add new articles, reviews and insights on a regular basis. What do you want to hear or read about? Let us know!

We are hear for you.

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A 20-year-old woman, who was born severaly deaf, wept from joy when she was first able to her own voice, her laughter, and the voice of her husband for the first time.

This after having a hearing device implanted nine weeks before. The woman was able to hear only rudimentary sounds with using the most most powerful hearing aids, was beyond words but later felt that while hearing aids were a gift to be able to hear what she could, for some people, “Hearing aids only help you so much.”

The woman’s husband video-taped her hearing clearly for the first time. You can see the video below – very emotional stuff.

For anyone who has lived for an extended time with a debilitating ailment, I’m sure you can imagine what it would be like to have it go away with the flick of the nurses switch.

Watch as the nurse switches the implant on, they asked her whether she could notice anything. Overwhelmed with tears she nodded “Yes,” covered her face, and cried and laughed at the same time.


Unitron has introduced what it is billing as the world’s first crossover hearing instrument in the Fuse product. Fuse by Unitron combines all of the proven technologies developed for hearing aids and combines it with an amazing modern design.

The Unitron Fuse product is half the size of any current hearing aid and is concealed completely in the ear canal. The key is to realize that while the Fuse is extremely compact in order to be out of site, it lacks absolutely nothing in technology.

In addition to the compact size and robust technology, Unitron kept the user’s comfort in mind with the Fuse as well. The hearing aid actually bends and moves with the ears natural movements. They also focused a great deal on the natural sound production of the product.

So many hearing aids end up making the wearer’s voice seem odd and wrong to them. Unitron worked very hard with the Fuse hearing aid to make the voice seem natural.

Our team at Hearing Aids 1000 have not yet been able to test and work with a Fuse by Unitron yet but judging by the reviews on the Internet, it seems to be a genuinely innovative and revolutionary advance in hearing aids. Unitron is pushing the envelope with their new Fuse hearing aid.

Congratulations to Unitron for continuing to research and develop and thanks to them for their Fuse Hearing aid.

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