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Mayo Clinic Site Review

www.mayoclinic.com is a part of the, ‘senior health link,’ on the Mayo Clinic Website and reflects the vision of the founders of the Mayo Clinic that the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.

The body of the website has all the important information that a hearing impaired person needs to know about hearing aids. The language is simple, the advice, clear and the information, enlightening.

The aspects of hearing aids covered by the website are, what to consider when choosing a hearing aid, the parts of a hearing aid and the types of hearing aids available to suit the patient’s needs. It offers advice on why wearing two hearing aids are better than one.

The website has details of technologies used in making hearing aids. The website has information on the accessories like directional microphones and telephone adaptors which may be useful to a hearing aid wearer.

A general idea of the cost of hearing aids is given, the possibility of ‘medicare advantage’, policy coverage and about hearing aids for veterans.

The website has tips for fitting a hearing aid by consulting a physician and later a qualified audiologist and on choosing a hearing aid which has a warranty and a trial period.

Most importantly, the website has some sensible advice to the sensitive about the importance of communication for added quality of life and the superficiality of the cosmetic aspect of wearing hearing aids.

The website is for a, not for profit, organization and therefore does not name any hearing aid manufacturer. It is part of the senior health website and does not address hearing impairment in children.

The advertisements in the website are of books available with the Mayo Clinic bookstore and .an advertisement to subscribe to ‘Home Call’, the Mayo Clinic’s free weekly newsletter.

There are three links placed in the website. The first is a series of links to other Mayo Clinic web pages relating to hearing loss and incidental pages which may be of use to the patient. The Second link is to the home page of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the third to the home page of the American Academy of Audiology.

www.mayoclinic.com/health/hearing-aids/HQ00812 was last updated in March 2007 and gives the visitor an all encompassing view of the world of hearing aids in the space of a single web page.

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